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7-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer - 7 Functions

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    • 7-in-1 BABY BOTTLE WARMER: 7 functions are specially designed to meet your various feeding needs including quickly warm milk & formula, heat food, defrost, keep constant temperature, sterilize, child safety lock and time appointment. Via water bath and steam, the bottle warmer reserves all essences of food for your baby and offers all-round care for feeding infants and a healthy growth of your baby.
    • LARGE CAPACITY & DOUBLE BOTTLE DESIGN: Different from others one bottle design. Our milk heater is specially designed to heat two bottles at the same time, suitable for feeding the twins and more babies. The higher double-deck lid fits universal bottles of many different sizes and materials. Satisfy the appetite needs of different babies.
    • HIGH TEMPERATURE STEAM STERILIZER: After the baby has finished the milk or before using the bottle, the bottle warmer can be adjusted to sterilize the bottle used by your baby. It takes a few minutes to steam quickly in sterilizer mode, high-temperature steam sterilizer can reach to 212F(100C).
    • SAFETY & FRIENDLY DESIGN: Made of food-grade PP material. An intelligent anti-burn system cuts off power sources automatically when there is no water in the bottle warmer. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Good helper

    Quite satisfied with this bottle warmer. It made feeding my little one a lot easier. It is very easy and convinent to reheat. The tempture is adjustable for several different functions. It also does not take up much counter space. Perfect size for home use!

    Gaizun Hu
    Good for the multifunction

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. It’s not just a machine for a baby, but also a warmer that can melt chocolate and butter, and defrost meat, etc. It’s just awesome!

    Jeanne M
    Baby loves warm milk

    Put breast milk from fridge in for satisfying nourishment

    Diana Prince

    Great for keeping epoxy resin bottles warm!

    Twin mom
    Love this for twins!

    Edit: Worked for just shy of 4 months, the heater coil went out. So now I am in the market for another double bottle warmer, though for 4 months this was good enough I may just buy another.This is awesome! Our other bottle warmer died at less than two weeks of use, and with newborn twins getting a double warmer seemed like a good idea. The temps are consistent, quick warm works quickly, keep warm is a great feature and after a thrush outbreak we started using the sterilization feature as it’s faster than the dishwasher. We’ve been using it for 6 weeks and are truly impressed.

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