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Strapless Pumping Accessory - Dove Heather

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    • 50% Cotton, 30% Modal, and 20% Spandex.
    • Snap closure
    • Machine Washable.
    • Our hands-free strapless accessory offers breastfeeding moms convenience, ease, and discretion. Must be worn in addition to our nursing bra.
    • The opening is engineered for easy breast shield insertion and removal (no need to detach breast shield from bottle) and holds the bottles in an ideal upright position. A snug fit ensures bottles are positioned for optimal suction.
    • Allows nursing moms the option to pump on one side and breastfeed on the other. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Saved my pumping life!

    If you EP this is a must- have. It clips onto any nursing bra/cami and does a great job of holding your flanges in place while you pump. I wouldn’t recommend moving a ton when you’re using the bra, I mostly used them so I could fold clothes or maybe do my hair/makeup while I pumped. I also have a smaller chest (small B pre-breastfeeding), so bigger arm movements causes my whole boob to move around if they’re makes sense. I suspect bigger cup sized women don’t have this problem.

    Awesome pumping bra

    I had purchased a pump ease pumping bra before this one and let me tell you, pumping at work was a chore with that.I decided to purchase this item because I have the bravado nursing bras and love them and I'm so glad I did! This pumping bra makes pumping at work so much quicker and comfortable! I don't have to undress to get this clipped on and I can easily slip the pump flanges in and out of this bra without problem! Best money I've spent in a while!

    Works & fits well

    I’m using the product with the Bravado bra for the first time right now! For me the combo covers all my concerns - 1) The bra doesn’t look funny and isn’t uncomfortable under normal clothes (I’m small so this was hard to find). 2) It’s easy to use and works well. This combo will work perfectly for when I go back to work & need to pump throughout the day.

    perfect pumping accessory

    I was very skeptical of this product at first, but I'm glad I ordered. It easily turns a nursing bra into a pumping bra and is easy to get on and remove. I got it for the Bravado nursing bra but this is something that can be used with any nursing bra. I'll probably order another one just to have a backup. This will have a permanent space in my pumping bag.

    Melody L. Coombs
    Love the freedom of bra choice

    I was hesitant to buy this because it seemed like a lot of money for basically half a bra. Now that I have it, I’m so very glad I did! I keep it in my pump bag and love the freedom of being able to wear whatever nursing bra I want, even the nursing tank tops. And as a bonus, this seems to be the only pumping bra that gets my flanges lined up just right. Very happy so far, and I’ve been using it for about a month.

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