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Lactation Massager - Rose

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  • Multiple massage modes, with different vibrating strengths.
  • Made of soft food-grade silicone. Curved shape and smooth surface bring about more comfort while massaging, improving the breastfeeding experience.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, USB charging port, and small size.
  • To relieve pains caused by engorgement, plugged ducts, and breast redness, tenderness, and other nursing ailments during breastfeeding.
  • Waterproof, low noise design, and easy to clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Whitney Stewart
10 Stars in My Book!

I never write reviews for items I buy, but this product is well deserving of one. I have 2 kids and have struggled with clogging from overproduction. I was miserable the entire time w my first. I would cry regularly bc my chest would just hurt so bad. It felt like rocks on both sides. I tried hot showers, hot rags and would rub and rub with my hands to try and get the knots out. When baby 2 came along, I prayed and prayed I wouldn't have the same issues. Well.. they were worse. I ended up with mastitis. I was so swollen that my lactation nurse told me my brain was not letting my body relax to help encourage the letdown bc I was in so much pain. I could hardly hold my baby bc I just hurt so so bad. A friend of mine showed me this product and it had lots of good reviews and to me anything was worth trying. This massager has literally saved me!!!! Although it doesn't prevent the knots and clogs, I am able to get them out much much quicker and it helps me empty my breasts! I was pumping every 3 hours just to try and work out the clogs. I would have to strain the breastmilk when I would eventually get some out. I am currently working to wean myself to be able to quit. I have been using this product everytime I pump for 2 weeks and I am currently up to pumping every 8 hours and still feel comfortable! This has been amazing for me!!!

Mark Verbruggen
One of the best tools for an exclusive pumper

I have been exclusive pumping for 8 months now and this massager has been a lifesaver. I use it every day for at least one pump and I can definitely tell a difference in my output when I don’t use it. It is very easy to use and lasts me about 3-4 uses before I have to charge it again. This massager has been extremely helpful when I feel a clot starting to form, or when I feel like I haven’t emptied all the way.The company’s customer service is also great. My massager started malfunctioning and not turning on. I emailed them on the weekend and received a reply the same day. After emailing with a very nice representative they mailed me a new massager and I received it promptly. I love this massager!

zainab oke
Makes pumping more effective. Need a second one

I work really hard to pump the little bit of milk that I make. I also struggle to get a letdown on one side. It would normally take like 4 minutes while the other side is already going. With this it's now taking 1-2 minutes to let down and really gets my milk flowing more than normal hand massage.ConsThe cost �2 it doesn't comes in a pairOn a side note I read all the negative reviews and I'm sure they either all received defective units or aren't using it correctly.

Must have tool for nursing mothers!

3 of my sister's just recently had baby's and I told them all about this nifty little tool! This product is great! It does exactly what it's meant to do. It helps unclog milk ducts, it helps with easier letdown and it helped me get more milk per pumping session!Everyone should add this to their baby registry!

Molly Woody
I was suffering from a terrible case of mastitis

This product is incredible! I was suffering from a terrible case of mastitis. It wasn't clearing up until I ordered the LaVie. I now use this every time I pump. It helps keep ducts clear and improves my milk flow. I highly recommend this if you are suffering from clogged ducts or if you are a pumping mom!

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