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Lactation Massager - Teal

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  • Multiple massage modes, with different vibrating strengths.
  • Made of soft food-grade silicone. Curved shape and smooth surface bring about more comfort while massaging, improving the breastfeeding experience.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, USB charging port, and small size.
  • To relieve pains caused by engorgement, plugged ducts, and breast redness, tenderness, and other nursing ailments during breastfeeding.
  • Waterproof, low noise design, and easy to clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amazing for clearing blockages AND pumping more efficiently!

For various reasons, I’ve had to exclusively pump after my daughter was born. For the sake of my sanity and to avoid being chained to the pump all day long, I am currently - at nearly 9 months postpartum - pumping 3 times a day at evenly spaced 8 hour intervals. Longer gaps between pump sessions generally require longer pump sessions in order to maintain an adequate milk supply. That’s where these beautiful massagers come in! I first came across the LaVie massager in an article from a post-pregnancy newsletter that I’ve been getting via email. I’ve always been prone to annoying painful blockages, and despite wanting some kind of vibrating tool to help combat them, nothing really existed for that purpose before (I tried one of those handheld vibrating back massagers, which failed miserably - ouch!). I ordered one up directly through the manufacturer, gave it a try, and it worked great!I started out trying the massager before and after pumping as a means of trying to clear out some of those annoying blockages. It wasn’t long before I started using it while I was pumping. I immediately noticed that the massager wasn’t only helping to clear out blocked areas, it was also helping me to pump more efficiently, too. For a while, I was actively using one massager and was constantly switching its placement from side to side while I pumped. I recently discovered that was selling the massagers, and I decided to order a second one.I’ve always had to work hard to get my milk out and empty with a breast pump. Constant use of hand massaging, compressions, and direct pressure meant that I couldn’t just sit there while I pump. Forget about surfing the web on my phone or iPad - my hands were always too busy for that. The use of TWO massagers while I pump has been game changing. Instead of moving one back and forth, I’ve been able to stuff one into each side of my pumping bra and leave them there for the duration of my pump cycle. I’m now pumping more efficiently and (even better) hands free. It’s taking less time to effectively empty out at the pump, and I think I’m even getting a little more milk output at the same time. It’s definitely a win-win in my book!Oh, and since I started using two massagers, I’ve noticed that the frequency and severity of my blockages have also gone down quite a bit. I’m definitely a fan!

Got more milk!

I bought this for my wife because she wanted to try this out, here’s her review on the product because she loved it SO much!This product has really helped me out. As a mom who exclusively pumps, I am more at risk for clogged ducts and that can be very painful. I don’t have a baby to latch that can get the clogs out for me. The lactation massager has made my pumps a lot faster while still getting the same output or just a bit more. The first time I tried this on Friday, I did get an extra .5oz per side! I noticed when I use it for my morning pumps it helps speed it up. My morning pumps last about 30-45minutes long. With LavieMom Lactation Massager it only took me 25 minutes! For me this is now my best friend while pumping. I felt that when I used this I could feel like I emptied well. Yesterday before my afternoon pump I turned it on and left it in my bra for about 10 minutes to prep myself. I continued to use it while I pumped and I got an extra 1oz per side! I HIGHLY recommend this to any mom breastfeeding or pumping! It’s truly a break through product for me based on my needs!

This item is great. It busts up clogs like nobodies business

This item is great. It busts up clogs like nobodies business. Even if I don’t have a clog, I place the device in between my breasts and let it go to town to help with let downs. Be prepared for strange looks if you pump around other people. They will think you are taking out your vibrator and putting it in your shirt.


I was so skeptical to buy this because I didn’t want to waste my money but boy am I so so so happy that I did. I mainly bought it to see if it would help increase my flow/output when pumping however, soon after I bought it I actually experienced my first clogged ducts. OH MY GOODNESS is this little gadget amazing!! It helped remove/unclog the ducts in affected areas with no problem and very quickly! Last week I experienced another clogged duct and it was SO painful but once I used the massager it unclogged it and I pumped an additional 2.5oz on that breast. What made me really want to write this review is that I noticed today when I leaned on something I had pain under one of my breasts and I’m sitting here as I use the massager and the lump is already gone (in under 8 mins!) I will forever recommend this and purchase it as a shower gift for my fellow breastfeeding friends. Simply awesome!!

Nicole P.
This massager works great for getting let downs!

I LOVE my LaVie lactation masaager! It works wonders for helping me get a let down & multiple let downs! Its easy to use and the battery lasts forever! My only regret is that I didnt purchase this sooner. I was skeptical that it would do anything for me but i was blown away after a few minutes of use & all of a sudden i started leaking milk everywhere & had to quickly grab my pump lol I've had it for about 3 months now & it still works great but it does take a little longer for me to get a let down now but i think thats due to my body getting used to it. I feel like it does help me get all the milk out as well. I havent tried it in the shower, or got it wet so i dont know how it holds up being wet. I never leave with out it in my pump bag & use it every time I pump! I recommend it to all my BF mommies & lactation consultants! Thank you LaVie for making such an awesome product!�

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