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Manual Breast Pump - Heart Shape

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  • This silicone breast pump helps to collect your breast milk and is helpful for engorgement and nipple pain. Pumping with strong suction is the most special feature of this pump. 
  • Made of food-grade silicone, which safe for babies. Silicone material feels soft and will never hurt the mother's nipple and skin. It is quite friendly to the sore and swollen breasts during the lactation period.
  • Hands-free and collects more breast milk on the other side during breastfeeding on the one side.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cheyenne Guy
Must have!

I LOVE THIS. My insurance and hospital had the wrong fax numbers to each other so my prescription to get a free pump took an extra month. I have a hard let down and NEEDED something so I wouldn't make my baby choke every time he nursed. Right when he gets hungry I put it on the side he will nurse from, squeeze around, take it off and let him nurse. Works like a charm! I have DDD size breasts right now and it suctions and hangs on with no problem. There are reviews that say the measurements are off a lot and I can see a little bit of a difference when I put the access milk in the bags but not enough for me to be totally off put by it. I'm buying another one to gift to a coworker! Love the item.

Kayla Rink
Best product ever!

I am beyond obsessed with this product! The bumble bee Manuel breastpump is legit the best product to attach to your breast when feeding from the other side. The first day my milk came in my breast were emgorged and uncomfortable. So everytime I would feed I would attach it to the opposite breast and just let it do it’s thing. I was able to save 10 oz of milk by doing nothing!! I’m seriously thinking about getting another!

Great set !

Works just as great as the original Haaka! No issues with it. I purchased this because I needed an extra silicone pump because I always managed to forget it at grandmas house and I can’t seem to live without these since It has helped me build up a lil freezer stash for when I work/run errands. Love that it comes with the lids both for temporary storage or just to keep it from spilling which has happened to me a lot before but not anymore. The little bag is cute although I feel like something along the lines of a reusable ziplock bag maybe would have been better for cleanliness but that’s just what I like using personally

Life saver!

I don’t write reviews but had to review this product. I LOVE it! I was looking for a way to catch milk while nursing. It can be used for a “pump” on the go! It took me a few times adjusting to get it to stay on and feel right. When I got it on right I had to squeeze it a few times and my milk literally started flowing! A steady stream! That doesn’t even happen with my electric pump! And it doesn’t hurt or pull at all, I couldn’t even feel it hanging off of me. It’s also so small and comes with a travel bag. I can’t say enough how impressed I am! Will be ordering another to tandem pump while on the go!The cap, heart plug and flamingo bag are also amazing quality.


This thing.. I should have had with my first child! I have 3. It’s affordable and collects how much baby gets from other side (we tested at pediatrician). The markings are off so we transfer to another bottle to know how much we are freezing for stash. What I love about this is with my other two babies, I pumped in between to build up a stash. With this baby I don’t pump at all (I’ll just pump at work when I start) and I build up a stash just as fast as I did pumping in between!! So this thing gives me more time!! I definitely recommend it to any mom that plans to breastfeed. It kinda lets you know what baby is getting and builds you up a back up supply!!

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