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Manual Breast Pump - Green

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  • This silicone breast pump helps to collect your breast milk and is helpful for engorgement and nipple pain. Pumping with strong suction is the most special feature of this pump. 
  • Made of food-grade silicone, which safe for babies. Silicone material feels soft and will never hurt the mother's nipple and skin. It is quite friendly to the sore and swollen breasts during the lactation period.
  • Hands-free and collects more breast milk on the other side during breastfeeding on the one side.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This is a must have for pumping moms! Especially those struggling with supply!

So I only just finally used this, though I ordered it months ago. I have a low milk supply and just assumed this wouldn't provide enough suction to be worth it nor did I think it would work well - I ordered it based on the recommendation of my LC, but just stuck with pumping instead of trying it. Boy do I regret not trying this sooner....It's helping to raise and maintain my supply, I just pop it on and go about doing whatever I need to do. It definitely doesn't have the suction of an electric pump, but I am amazed at how much suction it does have. And the ease of use, hands free, plug free benefit is awesome. Great for using in the car on road trips as well!

C. Stafford
Great Pump Alternative

I did not read instructions so as you can imagine, failed to use this product correctly. However, even with using this improperly (I merely got it to attach / suction to me - I did not push on the bulb to create a suction) I was able to catch 3 ounces during a feeding (photo attached) - this was a 10 minute feeding.This product is amazing! It is very easy to use whether you read the instructions or not. It isn't loud like your typical pump and it's extremely easy to clean. I have also found that fhe fluted opening makes it extremely easy to pour into milk storage bags.

Ashley Bleau
Just as good as the name brand Hakaa!

Oh how I love this thing! I was losing so much milk when I’d nurse or pump on the opposite side. Pumping bras never seem to fit right in me, so I was usually stuck with no free hand as I pumped both sides at once, or stuck with a wet pants leg and wasted milk when I pumped one side at a time. With this, I just stick it on and catch whatever milk leaks out. You’d be surprised how much it can catch! It’ll make you wonder how you let that much go before! Very easy to use and clean. Love the cute little stopper and caddy for fridge storage.

Simplified Mommy
Love love love this thing!

I am in love with this thing! I hate hate hate pumping because I can never seem to get much, it takes forever, and hurts. I'm now wishing a I'd found this 10 yrs ago when I had my oldest!It is easy to use, just squeeze to suction and wahla it pulls milk out. Feels a little funny at times, but more like a baby feeding. I can use it to pump fast if she misses a feeding or pump on the other side while she is nursing and it stays on even moving around!Easy to clean and love the storage bag so it stays nice and clean. Would even consider getting 2 so I could do both sides at once it's so useful.

Great stash starter!

Love this!!!! I noticed when I would nurse; at night specifically, I leaked from the other breast. I heard about the hakaa but ordered this since it was less expensive. One of the best purchases! Since I’m a SAHM I feed on demand and this is a great way to start a freezer stash for those times where I need someone to watch the baby. I would keep a bag in the fridge and fill it for 2 days from what I would get each night then stick it in the freezer. Great suction, I use it while feeding in the side lying position. Easy to clean with a bottle brush too!

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