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Manual Breast Pump - 2 Flange Sizes

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    • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This lightweight manual breast pump has an ergonomic, easy-express handle to reduce hand fatigue. It can be easily carried in any bag while traveling for quiet pumping sessions.
    • IDEAL PUMPING: This pump features dual-mode pumping and includes 2 flange sizes (standard 25 millimeter & large 30.5 millimeter), and a natural wave nipple, cap, and collar. It provides ideal suction, storage, and feeding.
    • CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC: This breast pump allows you to pump directly into our pre-sterilized breastmilk storage bags for a convenient, hygienic pumping that saves precious breast milk and time.
    • BY & FOR MOMS: Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh is committed to helping moms succeed in breastfeeding with breast pumps, nursing pads, nipple cream, breastmilk storage bags, and more.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great Little Machine

    I was looking for a simple hand pump so I didn't have to bother with all the electric pump equipment and setup when I only need to pump for relief. There are so many options out there, and I have only tried this one but I am very happy with this purchase. If you are looking for something similar, look no further. I've carried this pump in a gallon size ziplock bag in my large purse when I've been away from baby but needed to pump out some breastmilk for relief and it has been amazing. It comes with a lid for the breastmilk container, so you can just throw the expressed milk in a cooler and forget about it. The whole thing comes apart and is washable. The ergonomic handle is nice too.Tip: If you are new to the pumping game, read the manual, it is well-written and quick and helped me understand the setup.

    Great manual pump!

    If you pump this is a must! Especially if you out and about, don’t have to carry around you’re electric pump. I actually get more sometimes when I use my manual pump. I like it at night cause it pretty quite.

    easy to use, glad I bought it

    After doing some research , I came across the manual pump and decided to give it a try. It requires a little bit of arm work but it's so nice to bring this around the house instead of lugging around the electric pump. I originally bought this because I was producing less and couldn't figure it out with the supplements and water that I was having. I think this helped change it up and helped pump more milk out in less time. The time and volume is what sold me. I use this along with my electric pump and alternate back and forth. It's also helpful when you have it beside the bed to pump in the middle of the night. Then all you have to do is bottle the milk and store it.

    alka anand
    Must have pump for every mumma

    This is a must have pump to all mummas our there.I have medela pump in style but bought this pump for road trip.I cannot believe within 2 days my milk was double.I hardly get any milk from right side but after using this pump my milk flow is back.The design of the pump is awesome I never get tired pumping.Thank you Lansinoh for making such a life saver pump for mother struggling with milk production.Highly recommend to give it a try,you won’t regret it.

    Better than Medela Harmony

    FYI: This is my first postpartum review so you know this product is highly recommended by me!After getting multiple blisters (and then clogs caused by those blisters) from my electric pumps, I had to resort to using a manual pump. I was using the Medela Harmony for the past three months as my primary pump - up to 8 pumping sessions per day! The suction wasn't great but I was making it work by pumping faster. I wasn't expecting this pump to work as well as the Medela but it is so much better. The suction is far superior, the 30.5 flange size is perfect, and it is so easy to wash. I found mold in the handle of my Medela pump due to the milk flowing up into the handle as the air flows in and out of the pump. This pump prevents that from happening so I don't expect to have any issues with milk drying in the handle area. The only issue now is that I have all these Medela bottles and no extra Lansinoh bottles so I'll need to order more. Lastly, this pump is QUIET! I couldn't talk on the phone and use my Medela pump at the same time since it made noise as the air moved through the pump. The Lansinoh pump is completely silent and you can only hear the milk dripping down.Overall:- Great suction which means less time pumping- Perfect flange size for me- Easy to clean- No milk backflow up towards handle- Absolutely quiet, perfect for multitasking on a phone call or middle of the night pumpingAlthough it isn't ideal to use a manual pump for every session, it helped build my supply up from ~15 ounces per day to ~40 ounces per day over 2 months, thanks to emptying my breasts and hand massage at the same time. Other products I'd recommend with this: Mother Love nipple cream (not lanolin), Lansinoh milk storage bags, and any breast roller for massaging the breast tissue while you pump (more fatty milk and increased flow with massage).

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