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5-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer

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  • 5-in-1 MULTI FUNCTIONS: Fast warming, sterilizing, food heating, normal warming, and defrosting.
  • Fast Warming in 3 Minutes: A 240 ml milk bottle only takes 3-minutes to reach 40 C (104 F) from 4 C (39 F). Please take out the bottle in time to prevent it from overheating. Please refer to the datasheet of the manual to choose the amount of water for warm milk and set a time.
  • Steam Sterilizer: The steam sterilizer can reach 212F. 99.9% of bacteria contained can be killed.
  • 24 Hour Thermostat System: The constant temperature mode keeps the temperature constant for up to 24-hours. 

Customer Reviews

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Damien Gibson
Amazing Product For An Impressive Price!

As a second time mom, I was hesitant on purchasing a bottle warmer for our newest addition as my previous experience with another brand was somewhat negative. However after many many feedings which included waiting for warm faucet water, placing it in a cup, and waiting for what seemed to be a lifetime for it to warm up, I decided to start doing some research on a simple yet effective warmer. I came across the Baby X warmer on which had more positive reviews that the name brand warmers & therefore I decided to give it a try. I received the warmer today and have used it for a couple of feedings as well as a paci sterilization & below you will find my honest opinion.Pros:* The price... you honestly cant beat it!* Easy to use... simply pour in the water & turn a knob to your desired setting.* Works quickly... between the warming setting & the sanitize setting, you can heat a 4oz bottle from cold RO water in less than 1.5 minutes.* Uses minimal water... uses 110ml to warm a bottle which is nothing compared to the amount of hot sink water in a cup that I was previously using!* Giftable... this makes an amazing gift that definatly wont break the bank!* Highly recomended... as a mom who refuses to spend $ on non-essential items, I wish that I would have purchased this sooner!

Effective and simple

I like being able to heat the bottle safely and effectively. We throw away unused infant formula because trying to heat the bottle after refrigeration is very troublesome. This device makes it quick and easy. If the baby is filled with 2 ounces or more of oxygen, we immediately refrigerate the remaining bottle (otherwise we just throw it away), and when she wants to "cap" it, we heat it up. We only heat it once, and then throw it if she hasn't finished eating. In addition, as far as I know, the mixed formula is only valid within 24 hours after you make it. This is also very effective for disinfecting my baby's binary tree! Great price and great little machine!

This makes my life easier!

I absolutely love that this does not turn off unless I turn it off. I bought this because I have bottle baby kittens who are still needing formula. For a while, I used my crockpot to keep warm water in, but that got way too hot and make it difficult to maintain a warm (instead of scolding hot) temp for the formula. This bottle warmer has so many settings, and allows for the formula to stay perfect temp, or heat up super quick when I need it to. It's also not very large in size, so I can carry it with me pretty comfortably which is a huge plus since my kittens are eating every couple of hours. Also, when heating up, it doesn't make too loud of a noise like other bottle warmers. So I'm thankful for that too. Overall, this bottle warmer rocks!!

Nice Simple Warmer to Make Baby Happy

good: package is well packed and every part is sturdy and smooth to handle; the holder can hold standard baby feeding bottle nicely; it's deep enough to hold topper bottle firmly. temperature raises consistently and gradually. the visual light are a very nice touch. sterilizing provides a solid piece of mind.overall, it's good solid product.

steven goldberg
Super simple to use and warms bottles to right temperature!

This is a very quality product for the price. The settings are simple and intuitive. I wish it would let you know when it reached the perfect bottle temperature, but realistically that would require a temperature probe in the milk that the bottle warmer could monitor. That would make this bottle warmer much more expensive and complicated. It does do a good job of keeping the bottle at a good feeding temperature. I’ve left the bottle in warmer for 10+ minutes, and when I get the bottle it’s at the right temperature, still and not overly hot (I used an instant thermometer several times in the milk to make sure for myself). The heating element turns on and off like an oven to keep that temperature.This also does a great job to sterilize things like pacifiers. Super simple too!This fits the wider bottles I have like from Mam and from Avena with room to spare. I was a little worried the warmer would be too small, but it’s a great size.

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