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6-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer

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    • 6-in-1 Multifunctions: This baby bottle warmer is a multifunctional bottle warmer with heating milk, keeping warm, boiled eggs, heating food, sterilizing, and defrost. Moreover, the double-bottle design can heat two bottles at the same time, thereby reducing preparation time and soothing crying babies.
    • Smart Thermostatic System & Auto-off: Equipped with a 12-hour thermostat system, the baby bottle warmer will keep warm for 12-hours as soon as you set the target temperature. The anti-dry heating system disconnects power automatically when there is no water or less water in the bottle warmer to ensure your safety and convenience. NOTE: Please make sure there is enough water inside the bottle warmer.
    • Anti-dry & Safe Material: When there is no water in the bottle warmer, the anti-dry burning system can automatically disconnect the power supply to ensure safety and convenience. In addition, the bottle warmer is made of BPA-free PP material, which will not produce harmful substances after heating. Safe and hygienic.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Perfect for bottles in the middle of the night

    Perfect. I have twin girls so this is perfect. I just make bottles after I've put them down for a nap or bed and they're ready to go as soon as they wake up!

    Hanna Enoch

    I love the ease of use and the Keep Warm for an hour feature it's very nice!! I have not tried the food warmer or defrosting setting yet but overall warming a bottle with breast milk from the fridge is working perfect!

    Perfect warmth

    This has literally save me a lot of time. I used make the water hot and then put the bottle there to make it hot. This literally helped me make the bottle warm. The temperature is perfect and its not costly like big brand. This is worth the money.

    Compact size and great convenience

    Worth my every penny, my sister loves it as it saves her a lot of hassle while ensuring safety for her baby. Easy to use and safe, would definitely recommend this as it cleans baby bottle without damaging it

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