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Electric Breast Pump - 9 Levels

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    • Hand-free & Portable: This lightweight hands-free breast pump can be worn in a bra to pump milk out easily when doing housework, work and travel. Compared to a single electric breast pump, this double wearable breast pump saves mothers' time and stores more milk for your baby.
    • Comfortable & Easy Breastpump: This breast pump has 2 modes (Massage & Pumping). Breast massage can improve circulation, relieve discomfort and aid with breastfeeding. Electric breast pumping mode makes it easier to pump milk out once the pump has accumulated behind the milk ducts.
    • Safe & Anti-reflux Technology: Made of food silicone grade, ensure the milk quality of wearable breast pump, take care of baby's health. Unique anti-reflux technology lets you pump directly into milk collector, enabling true hand-free without leaking milk.
    • Adjustable Pumping Levels: 9 levels suction adjusts based on your preference to help you get more milk and fast sucking. This portable electric breastmilk pump with LCD, make it easy to click the physical keys to choose the function you want.
    • Rechargeable & Easy Cleaning: 1200mAH, charge for 2.5h, use for 100mins, this electric pump will shutdown automatically after 30-minutes. Closed system design prevents milk from entering tubing, easy to clean wearable breast pump.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    High power pump.

    Exactly as described. High quality and beautiful design. very nice pumping. İt pumped out 2oz in 2 minutes. I was very satisfied. better than I expected.

    Bang for your buck

    I cany believe this is only 100$ I used it my first night and omg I was able to move around!! Seriously. I thought it wasnt gunna be that great, but I plan on using this 100% so happy I found it. :)

    Molly Tourangeau
    Convenient for pumping while moving around

    Breast pumping is never fun no matter how you look at it but with this one and the ability to move while pumping makes things much easier.

    Love it

    I actually love this! I’ve never had any of the brand name hands free pumps to compare but this one definitely does the job. The only thing Is for, is the suction is really aggressive, and can be hard to handle. But I did get used to it. It’s not very discrete or quiet either but I don’t mind that cause I use it around the house mostly. all in all I do love it! And I’m happy to be able to pump and still move around!

    Works great�

    I was hesitant to purchase, seem too good to be true. But it's a good pump. The charge lasts for atleast two pump sessions of 30 minutes each session. The suction can be adjusted to whatever feels comfortable you. it's simple to clean and store.

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