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Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads - 14 Pads - 4.8"

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY COMFORT BAMBOO - The bra pad is natural and super soft against your skin to ensure nipples are protected. Measuring 4.8".
  • ABSORBENT & LEAK-PROOF - The middle layer microfiber provides maximum absorbency and ensures no leaking. The outer layer backside TPU lamination efficiently prevents leakage and keeps moisture away from your bra and clothes.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE PADS - Our nursing pads are reusable and recyclable. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Machine washable and durable - more effective than similar cotton pads and prevents staining on your everyday bra. Complete with a free laundry bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Soft, absorbent, and stays dryer than other brands.

UPDATE: 2 months after using dailyThey're still holding up from daily use. They are still super soft, padded, absorbent and stays dry. I don't leak very much anymore but these do not feel wet after hours of usage. I change them 1x a day - once at night and it stays dry all day long. It also does not smell or mold like another brand (with high reviews) I've tried. I must say it's a bit thicker than the previous brand I purchased so this may not be for you if you don't have much room in your nursing bra. Two months in and I still love them, would recommend for new mamas out there!---I was looking for new pads as my old ones (from a different brand) had started to smell and mold even with sun bleaching. I decided to purchase these based on the review. Love these nursing pads - they're a lot softer than a similar brand that was also purchased here on . The material also feels more cushy, and the colors are soft and neutral!

Kaytarra Correa
Love reusable items!!

I'm still pregnant, 33 weeks, but I'm leaking already just like I did with my other pregnancy. I really wanted reusable breast pads this time as I'm trying to be more mindful this time around about how many disposable things that come from having a baby. These are so soft and the pastel colors are cute. My breasts are pretty large, I'm talking probably DDD so I got the large ones and they are big enough. Idk about absorbance cause it's not full on breaths milk but once I know I'll update! Also comes with a nice bag to wash them in!! I would order these again or buy them for another momma for sure

Way better than disposables

These hold way more than disposable pads and do a great job wicking moisture. Unless I leaked a LOT, the pad was always still dry to the touch even when I knew I had been leaking. They wash up easily too.I didn't have any issue with them showing obviously (I was a DD pre-pregnancy I don't really know how big they ended up getting) but I think someone with small boobs might have that issue.My only problem is that the laundry bag they come with is too small, but it's fine, I just used the garment bags I already had, you can get those for like $3 at Walmart.

Alex Calson
Very soft and hold up well

I originally bought reusable nursing pads because I hated the idea of having to throw them away all the time. Now I recommend them to friends because they are So much SOFTER than the disposable ones. These are large and thick so may not work well if you’re smaller chested or wearing a tighter shirt without other bra padding. But in general work very well for me. Be sure to wash them before using or they’ll shed little bits of white all over your boobs. They hold up well, I’ve been using them for 10 months with regular washing and oxiclean socks and they still look and work great.

Good first impression

No baby yet, so I can't test the absorbancy/leak-proof aspect of them, but these are extremely soft and comfy! They're also almost undetectable under my sports bra (one boob has one in the picture, and the other doesn't), which was my main concern since I'm so small chested. Let's just say I'd be surprised if I outgrew an A cup even while breast feeding - and they're still a perfect fit!I'll update my review in a month or two after using them a couple weeks

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