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Breastfeeding Nipple Cream - 1.41oz

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  • For Nursing Mothers: This thick and rich nipple cream soothes and protects sore nipples.
  • Safe for Baby: Made from just lanolin, so there's no need to remove this nipple nursing cream before breastfeeding.
  • 100% Natural: No petroleum, parabens, or preservatives. Our nipple cream is made from a single hypoallergenic ingredient.
  • Ultra-Pure: Our unique refining process ensures a high-quality lanolin cream without fragrance or taste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Must Have for Most Momma’s Breastfeeding

Oh man, I loved this product and used it with multiple of our 6 kids for breastfeeding. I was told many times that nursing shouldn’t hurt but let me say if you go from nothing rubbing over and over to a baby nursing every hour, you are going to have some soreness so don’t listen to them. After about 2-3 weeks things will toughen up but in the meantime this is an outstanding product to help get through those weeks to enjoy such a beautiful moment of feeding, nourishing, and cuddling your sweetness.

A little goes a long way!

THIS STUFF IS HEAVEN!! I haven’t used it for it’s intended use on nips as I’m four weeks away but my lips have been horribly chapped lately since I’ve been sleeping with the fan bc I’m terribly hot all the time and I swiped a little bit on and the next morning my lips were magically healed! I will update after giving birth on the status with nips but for right now, I may just use this as lip balm. Please note: a little really does go a very long way. I used a pea sized amount initially for my lips and that was way too much. The second time I used what looked like a sesame seed amount. Definitely don’t go overboard. It seems like a product that will last a while

Great for lips, heels. Thick vaseline texture

Texture is like thick vaseline. I used it on my lips especially while undergoing accutane. I had absolutely no oil in my entire body and this cream saved my lips from crackkng, ripping and bleeding. Apply at might and throughout day.Too thick to be combined with any other color lip product.Also great for foot, especially back of heels. Helas dry damaged cracked skiNo odor

Must have when exclusively pumping and breastfeeding.

While in the hospital I breastfed, and used this. Made all the difference. Baby didn't mind the lanolin, while breastfeeding. I did also try an olive oil-based product. But the baby wouldn't breastfeed and I had to thoroughly clean it off before feeding. - The Lanolin never had that problem.Once I got home I began Exclusively Pumping. I use it before pumping, which helps ensure I was less sore. Cleaned it off, then applied a new layer after to help with cracking and any soreness that did occur. I also apply after getting out of the shower. In 3 months I've bought 3 tubes (still working on the 3rd tube, but don't need to order more for a few weeks).Definitely get Lanolin in some capacity if giving your baby breastmilk, be it breastfeeding or pumping.

The best I’ve used!

This was my favorite cream with my first born. I just had another baby, and I still love it just as much. It doesn’t have a smell which is a huge plus for me because another brand I tried had a very strong smell I couldn’t hardly stand, but this one is odorless and does what it’s supposed to perfectly! It makes the first several weeks of nursing manageable when you and baby are still learning to work together for that perfect latch and you’re so sore.

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