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Electric Breast Pump - 5 Levels

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    • Wearable Breast Pump Electric - No tube and no wires, this hands-free pump is portable to pump at home, at work, and for travel. The wearable design frees your hands.
    • Super Quiet Breast Pump & No Spill - The noise of our breastfeeding pump is controlled under 50 decibels, just put it on your breast, and it will go silently wherever you go. The breast pump has no-spill technology, so you do not have to worry about milk spilling over.
    • Suitable for various breastfeeding requirements - The pump has two modes, a breast pumping mode ( Imitating the baby's actual sucking frequency) and massage mode (which can alleviate breast problems). The wearable breast pump has 5 levels to choose from.
    • Rechargeable hands-free breast pump - Different from traditional electric breast pumps, our wearable breast pump can be charged by a power supply, power bank, computer, or other devices anywhere and anytime. A full charge can be used 3-5 times, a wearable breast pump can hold up to 180ml / 6oz.
    • Safe Material Breast Pump - The electric wearable breast pump is made of BPA-free silicone, does not contain harmful substances, no harm to health, and very safe for the human body. For safety reasons, the breast pump will automatically turn off after 20-minutes, just restart the breast pump to use again.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    A most have for families with multiples

    This pump changed my life. I have triplets so taking 20 minutes every 4 hours to pump is sometimes imposible. Instead I put this under my bra during the day, at any time really, and done! I agree the suction power and battery doesn't compare to my spectra but I bought two of these so I pump until the battery runs out and then use the second pump on the same side if I feel I need to. For the price, it's worth it!

    Angelica V.
    Great suction & easy to use

    I pump about 4 times a day for about 15 min and only have to charge it every other day for the most part. It charges quickly. It is a bit bulky but so is the willow and it’s less then half the price. It’s extremely easy to use and has great suction. my only complaint is when it’s low on battery the green light turns red and the suction strength decreases that is supper annoying if you are mid pump. But it hasn’t happened often to me. I would recommend this product.

    Madeline Foret
    I am NOT disappointed

    I finally decided to get the wearable breast pump because pumping was difficult at times for me and I am busy and on the go quite often. I purchased these last week and they just arrived a couple of days ago. I have a $300 dollar pump that someone gave me very nice but very inconvenient so I purchased these. These pumps are amazing and my baby is at 4oz right now and I seem to pump a full bottle for him with the electric hands free pump. I have enjoyed the convenience and cleaning is quite easy. I recommend these if you are looking for something reasonable and convenient. I looked at the other breast pumps “name brand” $500 bucks is a lot and the name brands had mixed reviews. I decided to try these out when I went on looking for hands free breast pump with a reasonable price and I am not disappointed so far.

    Justin D Maynard
    Life changer

    Omg this was a life changer. It is louder than the spectra S2 but not my much and so much more convenient.The suction works well and the milk is easy to pour in a freezer bag.I pumped with the spectra on one side and this pump on the other and I actually got more milk with this one!!I'm ordering a second one and changing over completely. I can't wait to move around the house and do stuff! I even use it while I'm nursingy my son.I absolutely love this pump and recommend it 100%

    Sunshine Mel
    Allows me to be hands-free pumping so I can accomplish more during the day

    This is a really affordable pump that allows me to still do things while pumping. I cannot believe how much time this has freed up for me. It has a decent suction so I'm able to pump successfully each time but is not as strong as the Medela I use when I'll sit and pump. I can fit this in my nursing bra and do dishes or laundry while letting it work its magic. Being hands-free is such a blessing when you have a newborn as there is always something to do with baby. It includes everything needed to use right from the start, although I did do a full charge before first use.

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