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Electric Breast Pump - 5 Levels

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    • Wireless Portability: With a capacity of 250ml, the electric breast pump provides mothers with efficient, convenient, and adjustable breastfeeding assistance. This electric breast pump is painless and does not require hand support. 
    • Safe Mute Backflow Preventer: The wearable breast pump is controlled at less than 50 decibels. Just put it on your breast and it will operate silently according to your needs. The electric breast pump uses a closed system to completely separate the raw milk from the pump parts and ensure better hygiene and performance.
    • Five Gears Of 2-Modes: The massage breast mode helps to easily push the milk out of the breast before using the pump mode and reduces discomfort. It has a built-in smart memory chip that automatically remembers the settings you used last time and has 5-adjustable suction levels to choose from.
    • Health Materials: The electric breast pump is made of BPA silicon, which contains no harmful substances and is harmless to health.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Budget friendly version of Willow/Elvie

    Works great. Very convenient when I want to do something other than be tied to the wall pumping. Parts are easy to clean. Only downside is I wish spare parts were available so that I wasn't constantly cleaning it to pump. It doesn't leak/stop when I get 6oz like others do.

    Marian Oliver
    Easy to use and works great!

    Very convenient pump but too small for big chest ladies.

    Pretty Good

    I've tried several different types of wearable breast pumps, and all in all, you get what you pay for. The freemie was never strong enough suction being used as a double pump to fully empty me, and my Elvie pumps that I use at work are touch and go. I decided to give this one a try because its priced in a moderate range that is affordable for most people. This wearable breast pump is a single pump, meaning it can only pump one breast at a time. It comes with all of your standard parts and is comfortable to wear. I like that the milk capacity is roughly just over 8 oz, so if you are a heavy producer and easily fill the standard 4oz collection cups, this is a good option. Suction wise, its pretty good. It has several modes to help with expression.The only downside is that it can only do one side at a time, but if you are able, you can purchase 2 to get the job done. Its certainly more affordable than some of the super expensive options out there that aren't covered by insurance.

    It work with a cup DD

    Is a berry good breast pump and good price

    Great for large breast

    Great for the price. I hope it will last. Great for large breast. Not as loud as my spectra but it’s not “quiet”. Wish it came as two

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