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Electric Breast Pump - 7 Levels

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    • DOUBLE & WEARABLE BREAST PUMP - The hands-free electric breast pump can be worn inside a standard nursing bra, so you can pump completely hands-free anywhere. This silent breast pump milk extractor makes it possible to pump at home, at work, or on the go. The breast pump bag included makes it more portable and easier for you to carry when you are working or traveling.
    • EASY TO CLEAN + COMFORTABLE BREASTPUMP: This electric breast milk pump has a massage and a pumping mode. Breast massage helps to improve circulation, relieve discomfort, and aid with breastfeeding. Electric breast pumping mode makes it easier to pump milk out. The double breast pump is easy to clean and protects milk from infection and keeps it fresh.
    • SUPER QUIET + USB RECHARGEABLE: The motor is controlled under 50dB - which will not interrupt your baby's sleep. With this rechargeable breast pump, you can charge it easily by power bank, computer, or other devices.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Wireless wearable pump !!! With this you can walk around while pumping just need a tighter bra so that can hold the machine. Read the instructions carefully before you use it, it’s not frustrate to do. Although it has a lot parts, it’s Easy to clean anyway. Watch out when you dump out the milk. Anyway it worths the money, l do like it. Great for traveling and outdoors


    This pump is amazing! Finally a hands free pump. I love all the settings and the suction power is very strong (a little too strong for me, it hurts on the lowest setting) but thats something I can get over because it’s such an amazing pump. It made me pump an oz more than I usually do.

    Happy to be more flexible

    It’s my 3rd one, so comfort is everything and having ability to be more mobile is great. Since I have to take care of other two kids. Very happy with the purchase and happy to see that more affordable options like this available now.

    Very gentle touch

    I am a mom of twins, so I needed a pump that didn’t stop me from going around the house and doing all necessary things instead of sitting still for 20-30 mins pumping with my regular modela pump.Since I have to take care of two kids I’m very happy with the purchase. Suction is great, the pump allowed me to milk on the go and I’m happy very happy with affordable price. This pump works better than Modela and is very gentle on my body, doesn’t hurt at all. Plus the massage option really soothes the skin and helps to recover quickly. I also like the timing option in case I fall asleep which happens often. So far I'm happy with the purchase.

    Best pump ever!

    This breast pump is amazing! Works wonders and works better then my Maedela breast pump. Would recommend to anyone.

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