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Electric Breast Pump - 7 Levels - White

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    • COMPLETELY MOBILE & SPILL PROOF: This 3-pump breast pump fits in your bra and goes where you go. Patented, no-spill technology makes this pump the only pump that can be used in any position, even lying down or doing yoga.
    • ENGINEERED FOR MORE MILK & MORE COMFORT: This pump offers 7-levels of suction comparable to most traditional double electric and hospital grade pumps, as well as a sensitivity setting for comfort. Smart Suction technology adjusts based on your preference to help you get more milk.
    • COMPLIMENTARY 1:1 COACHING: Our breakthrough technology is unlike any other pump on the market. Our all-mom team of experts is here to help maximize your milk output, in addition to the on-boarding videos available in the Willow App.
    • PUMP INTO STORAGE BAGS OR REUSABLE CONTAINERS: Pump on the go and keep milk safe with spill-proof, self-sealing hygienic storage bags or pump, pour, repeat with reusable containers (sold separately).
    • QUIET & HASSLE FREE: No loud sucking sounds. Easy to assemble, with just a few dishwasher-safe parts to clean.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Bought for my daughter

    My daughter works and found it hard to take breaks to pump. This pump allows her to work and still pump at the same time. She loved that she could lean over and not lose suction. Highly recommend this pump!

    Made it possible for me to keep pumping.

    I have twins, so being attached to a pump was not doable for me. While it’s a little hard to carry a baby with these on, it is possible, and I can get other chores done and use them when I go back to work. I don’t see much of a difference in production from my spectra. Not uncomfortable at all.

    Best hands free pump, worth the money!

    Honestly the best choice I ever made, was buying this pump. I am a working mother (a PT) and with this pump I am able to work/pump at the same time. I also have been able to increase my supply with the willow pump. Suction is great, I can tolerate a level 8 on spectra and only use level 3 on the willow. I will say the bags take a little time to put in, but I got the containers and it’s much easier! Some of the reviews said there was a learning curve, but I had no issues learning how to use willow. It truly is a hands free pump! It’s worth the money.

    Ali O
    Size matters!

    Have been using Willow for 2 weeks now and love it! Hands free while pumping, can be up walking around, driving a car, or doing chores. It is a little awkward trying to hold your baby while pumping with Willow as they make your chest huge and not very soft against baby's head/belly. It is very important to measure your nipple size and order correct inserts, there are Willow facebook groups to help with any questions!

    Love my willow!

    I bought the willow since I needed to be mobile while pumping since I have a 2 year old and a newborn. I started using at a week pp since my supply came in so well and I am now 5 weeks pp and absolutely love it. The willow has great suction and has great output. Biggest thing to make sure is that you are sized properly, makes a huge difference in the output and comfort. Customer service has also been absolutely amazing when I need any assistance. I highly recommend.

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