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Breastfeeding Nipple Cream - 1.3oz

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  • 100% NATURAL: Single-ingredient, no additives, preservatives, or fragrance added. Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin. 1.3oz tube.
  • FAST EFFECTIVE RELIEF: For nursing moms with sore or cracked nipples and dry skin. The rich texture creates a protective layer on the skin's surface and rehydrates from within.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR BABY: No need to remove cream before breastfeeding.
  • ULTRA PURE, MEDICAL GRADE LANOLIN: Tested to the highest safety standards and ethnically sourced from farms.
  • A BREASTFEEDING ESSENTIAL: Moisturizes a variety of dry skin areas, such as chapped lips, dry hands and cuticles, elbows, and cracked heels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I ended up buying a tube for every room of my house, plus diaper bag and pump bag!If you are breastfeeding, this is a must. It's so much softer and easier to use than the pure Lanolin, it goes on easily without having to warm it up between your fingers first.Will definitely buy more for my next kid.*edit*....I'm on my 2nd kid now and have bought 5 more tubes so I can have them everywhere. This stuff saves my nipples during cluster feeding.

Ashley Smith
Best on the market

This product is so much better then the others out there on the market. I had two other off brands at home but I was given a trial sample of this at the hospital. When I got home and use my other off-brands I realized how inferior they are. This is a total must have. So much more moisturizing and easier to spread than the others.

Amy k.
Effective but stains fabric

I like this way better than similar products. It's thick and greasy, very effective. Make sure to wear a bra or a shirt you're okay with ruining as this leaves grease stains on fabric. Still, I would recommend to anyone because it's so good for your skin

Worth every penny

This is definitely a must-have for all the breast-feeding mothers out there especially in the beginning of breast-feeding. I bought two tubes of the 2 ounce and I don't even use it anymore so I would say if you're thinking about it just buy one one should be more than enough to get you through the first few weeks of breast-feeding. It's safe for the baby and it works well for relief of dry cracked sore nipples. The only thing that you should be warned about is that it will stain your clothes if you don't have a pad on in your bra it will stain your bra and your shirt so just be leery of that.

Get this brand!

This stuff is amazing! I have tried Lasinohs and didn't like how thick it was. This was much needed when I was waiting on my cracked nipple (from a bite) to heal. I have used right before and after feedings and also while pumping.

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