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Breastfeeding Nipple Cream - 2oz

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  • This nipple butter is 100% USDA Certified Organic, made with ethically sourced organic beeswax that has been gathered in a bee-centric manner.
  • With organic herbs traditionally used to soothe and moisturize nipples and dry skin.
  • No petroleum, parabens, or lanolin - no need to wash it off before nursing.
  • Chosen by hospital NICUs.
  • Dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Eliana Jaime
A must have for new moms

I absolutely love this product. As a 1st time mom I had no clue about anything. I was 1st using lanolin which isn't the best thing to use for baby and then I came across this product. I use it for everything and it has made my pumping process soo much smother. I use this on my flanges to help during pumping so that it lessens any soreness and makes for a smother process. Because I'm a stubborn mom, due to insufficient hydration, something I should have down but don't drink enough water so I end up with chapped lips. I use this on my lips and cuticles. I use it on my nipples after pumping. I've used it on my heels and on my husbands elbows that were soo dry they were cracking and bleeding. After 2 uses his elbows were back in shape. I love this product and highly recommend it. It has multiple uses and it's ok if baby eats some while nursing because it's organic. And although the tub it comes in is small it lasts forever.

Not hard to spread

We started out using lanolin at the hospital. Oh man...was I sore. The lanolin helps but it is uncomfortable to spread as it's very sticky. Also because it's sticky it makes sore nipples more sore when they rub anything. Tried this cream as soon as we got home....it's so much better! Very smooth application, no tugging. My nipples are still sore but that's to be expected. I can tell this cream is helping. It smells like cocoa.

E. Wills
Relief for the nips

A must have for breastfeeding. Use it before and after each feeding to help prevent issues. It is also amazing for sore scanned up nipples just in case you have the issue that I had early on. It helps heal your nipples while keeping your shirt or bra from sticking to them. It is not greasy and has a pleaser smell. It smells like chocolate in a way. My baby was unsure for a split second and then didn’t mind it all. I mean his nipples kind of changed their smell overnight and taste. But hey it helped out while we got these nips healed up. I prefer this to lanolin but both are helpful. This is a more natural alternative also so I have less worry in using this product. I will be buying more I am sure of it. I have flat nipples so this plus latch assist or shields are a must do through our whole breastfeeding journey.

Autumn Sulick
Already recommended this to everyone in my circle (pregnant or not)!

I LOVE this product and will be a life time user!!! I am 21 weeks pregnant as of now, and when my breasts first started expanding and my nipples were super itchy, this nipple butter was a HUGE RELIEF!!! It is such a luxurious texture and it smells like brownie mix lol The box also recommended to try it on lips and other dry skin & it helped my cracked, bleeding lips and my dry hands from the cold winter air in our area to heal up in a handful of days! I have used most of it as a lip balm to be honest lol I love the chocolate scent from the cocoa butter and the moisture that it adds to my skin! My lips have never been so soft! I also LOVE that it is safe to ingest so I won’t have to worry about my baby ingesting anything dangerous or wiping off my boobs every time I need to feed. If I wasn’t comfortable putting it on my own mouth, I wouldn’t use it for my baby, so I tested it myself and am happy to say that not only is the smell enticing, but it’s not oily or uncomfortable on my lips or my nipples!!! Amazing product!!! I’ll definitely be buying this as a staple beauty product even after my pregnancy!!!

Look no further - perfect product

Earth Mama just knows what they are doing. This is such an amazing product! I was so terrified of cracked, bleeding, painful nipples so I brought this with us in our hospital go bag & have been using it since the very beginning. Wow! So glad I did. I have had no nipple issues whatsoever! And this is with a baby that was born early with a high palette & tongue tie so there were more than a few latching & supply issues, so I was feeding & pumping all the time. With help we got the issues resolved & I am so so so thankful I had this nipple butter the whole time. I truly do not know that we would have been as successful if I hadn’t been using this the entire time. In the beginning, I put it on after every feed/pump session & also when I was feeling sore. I immediately felt relief & I never had to wipe it off as it’s products are all natural & safe for the baby - which only protected my nipples even more. I have nothing but positive things to say & I recommend to every woman out there!

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