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Infinity Nursing Scarf - Charcoal Gray

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    • 360 DEGREE FULL COVERAGE: This infinity nursing scarf is a full-coverage breastfeeding scarf, so you can discreetly nurse or pump wherever or whenever.
    • BOND WITH BABY: The peek panel mesh allows you to make eye contact for bonding while you nurse and ensures you can see your baby during feeding.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: Made with ultra-soft, lightweight breathable fabric. The versatile scarf can be worn as a fashionable single infinity loop or a double loop.
    • ADJUSTABLE STRAP: The adjustable strap makes switching sides during nursing easy. Do not use in crib, cradle, bassinet, playpen, play yard or bed.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    I love how compact this folds up

    I love how I can wear this as a scarf to free up space in my diaper bag, but also if I decide to put it in there, it so soft and light weight it fits perfectly in all my diaper bags pockets. its not a complicated to use cover and my peek screen allows me to still look at my baby. Its the perfect thickness too in order to make sure it isn't see through at all, and my daughter likes how it shades the light and gives her a darker nursing environment.

    Chelsea A.
    Seems to fit great!

    Incredibly soft fabric with a great stretch to it but it is definitely on the thin side. I love the light pink color and it seems to fit very well. I was concerned by all of the reviews saying it’s too big/too small but it seems just right to me. I’m 5’7” tall and 165lbs for reference

    Jennifer Robertshaw
    Preferred nursing/pumping cover.

    I like this cover for times when I don’t want to be fully exposed. I prefer it to the apron kind and the super stretchy multi use kind because I think it strikes a good balance of access to baby and coverage without a lot of shifting. I have this in both colors but I would have preferred different color/pattern options so it was more functional as a scarf.

    Brenda P.
    Super soft, and covers everything!

    I love the material and the mesh screen to be able to see baby while breastfeeding, however in some lighting you can’t see and have to pop your head in there. It’s soft like a t shirt! It doesn’t slip everywhere! Easy to carry around neck like a scarf. I loved this I use it everywhere in public and am covered all the way around. I’m a plus sized woman, so I concerned that it wouldn’t fit, but it did comfortably and fit baby inside as well!

    B Schultz
    Love this!

    This is my go to baby shower gift I love this scarf because it has the strap to go around your neck! It's super light weight and breathable. Sadly I lost mine and am almost done nursing my baby so figured I could go the last few months using my old cover but after a week of that I decided it was worth it to get another one!

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