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Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads - 14 Pack - 4.7"

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY COMFORT BAMBOO - The bra pad is natural and super soft against your skin to ensure nipples are protected. Measuring 4.7".
  • ABSORBENT & LEAK-PROOF - The middle layer microfiber provides maximum absorbency and ensures no leaking. The outer layer back side TPU lamination efficiently prevents leakage and keeps moisture away from your bra and clothes.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE PADS - Our nursing pads are reusable and recyclable. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Machine washable and durable - more effective than similar cotton pads and prevents staining on your everyday bra. Complete with a free laundry bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rachael H.
Great reusable pads

I used disposable pads for quite a while because I was leaking so much from the opposite breast. I would have had to change these way too often if I used them from the beginning. I recommend grabbing some disposable in the beginning and seeing what your flow is like. Then when you’ve adjusted and feel like you wouldn’t have to change your pad each feeding, then switch to these reusable ones. Unless you don’t mind washing all 12 pads everyday- if so, you are a better person than me hahah. These do hold a good amount, but keep in mind, if they are wet- you should be changing them. Keeping a wet pad (disposable or reusable on your breast can lead to yeast infection). These washed well, felt soft and were all around great reusable pads.

High quality - super absorbent

I bought two packages of these: medium and large. I find them to be superior to other products on the market. They are made with quality fabric and are very absorbent. My breast size calls for a size medium but I like having both options. My baby is 11 weeks old and I find nearly every night I use one large set during her first shift of sleep and one small set during her second shift of sleep. If you wear soft terry cloth nursing bras to bed and they’re not snug to your body, your pad might shift a little in which case you may want to size up. I use the large pads with my soft, looser bras. I’m a b-cup/size medium bra.I spoke with the company on one occasion and found them a delight to work with. I highly recommend this product and plan to purchase for friends/family who will be nursing.

Mindy Shultz
GET THEM.. you can thank me later!

I am so happy I got these! I had been using the disposable breast pads I wasn't happy with them because at night when my son sleeps for a long stretch I would wake up with milk ALL OVER my chest! So gross! So I started looking for other options. Not only are these so soft and comfortable but the price made it easy for me to decide to give them a try.I have been using them for several weeks now and the absorbency is mind blowing!!They are totally leak proof !!! As in I have Nave woke up to milk all over me a single time since I have be using them and no leak through! This was also something I was afraid of be the leak protection it on point people!!!!!!!!! I love that you can just keep watching them too ! And the little mesh bag ��� is SO nice because your not losing your pads in the dryer!Ps they the sock ppl need to catch on to that bag idea!! Lol

Great washable pads but..

These are some awesome washable pads, I decided I wanted to go the washable route so I could rationalize more expensive purchases for my newborn with other things. I exclusively breastfeed so fall out is defiantly apart of my life now and these pads have done a pretty good job at holding a lot of liquid BUT don’t expect them to never leak, I leak through these things a lot, so what I’ve done to counter act that is I purchased another set and change them out frequently. We do a lot of laundry due to baby anyway and throwing these in their little laundry bag is nice and convienent to keep them all together and having so many I don’t find myself never having a clean pair. Great item.

Great nursing pads!

These nursing pads are very well made. They’re very soft, comfortable to wear, and definitely do their job! My skin can be pretty sensitive to fabrics, and I haven’t gotten a rash from using these and haven’t experienced any unusual itching. I’ve been using them for a month now and haven’t had a single leak through any of my tops while using these. They have all held up extremely well in the washing machine/dryer and are all in the same great condition they arrived in. I’m actually thinking about sewing these into my nursing bras because my baby is such a messy eater and always dribbles and ends up wetting the fabric. I haven’t gone through the other items you sell, but if you have nursing bras made with the same absorbent fabric (or ever make them), I will definitely buy them. My breasts leak as soon as my daughter makes a noise and when she’s eating, whichever breast she isn’t sucking on will let down on its own and shoot out streams of milk. And even with all that, no leaks through the pads or any uncomfortable wet feeling.The only negative I can think of is that they do come to a bit of a point in the center of the bad. And I know this is to get a rounder shape so the pad conforms to the contour of the breast, but if you’re not wearing a bra and just through these in a simple nursing cami, you’re going to get that erect nipple look going on. I’m always in a bra when I go out, so it’s not an issue for me. I just happened to notice in the mirror one day.Great product, fair price! I’m definitely going to check out your other products!

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