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Electric Breast Pump - 8 Levels

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    • One Split Dual Use Electric Breast Pump: This integrated electric breast pump can be operated with one hand, small and exquisite, easy to carry out, and not occupying a lot of space. Mom can take it anywhere without the restriction of the wire. 10 free storage bags and a mini breast pump bag are included.
    • Adjustable Massage and Pumping Level: Our milk breastfeeding pump has 8 levels of massage modes that help the mother have a better lactation. The portable breast pump will provide natural quivering suckles of a baby to give a gentle and comfortable experience for moms. The LCD has 8-levels allowing you to choose the number of suctions per minute and intensity. (The flange is 24mm).
    • Backflow Protector: The anti-backflow design provides a hygienic closed system to prevent breastmilk from backing up to the pump, prevent infection, and keep the milk fresh. The cover is made of 100% safety high silicone material.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Happy I bought it!

    Works great, really powerful suction. I bought this for pumping at work and to bring on our travels. I’m definitely happy with my purchase.The soft cup is a nice touch comfort wise, but we have dogs and I find that their hair is always getting stuck to it.

    Brianna DeFalco
    It’s really fantastic

    All I have to say is I have not used my spectra S2 since getting this pump and it’s been about a month. It’s so portable and makes pumping so much less of a task. I have created a very decent freezer stash with this pump and still growing. Its easy to use, the flanges fit a lot of other bottles I already have, and it even comes with storage bags and a storage bag adapter that can be used with other bags. It’s honestly a must for breast feeding moms!

    Amazing pump!

    I hate my spectra pump. I love this pump! The flange is too big for me, so I bought the maymom flange inserts to make it smaller and they work perfectly!! The suction is great and the charge lasts awhile!

    N Scott
    I have 4 types of pumps. This is my favorite.

    Love this! Easy to use, battery life is really good and because it's portable, I like using this better than the kind you plug in. Forgot about charging for like 4 days, battery on my Elvie was dead. Turned this in and it was still at 3 bars. Was a life saver for work. You can also use this while charging which is super helpful. Pump piece fits my motif and spectra bottles so when I'm finished I just place a cap and store. Came with a cooler bag and 2 additional filter pieces. Hard to find valves pieces that actually fit this pump though.

    Pump anywhere

    amazing! I love being able to pump anyways and not be tied up in cords or have to find a plug especially for the price this just cant be beat! The flange is silicone so it's also much more comfortable then the traditional plastic

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